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Thanks to the impeccable reputation we have earned over the last 10 years, businesses located in the [ ] area have come to trust and depend on the broad spectrum of commercial locksmith services that we offer. Our technicians are on hand to service almost any type of business premises. Some such calls from commercial premises include:

  • I need locksmith services for my restaurant
  • My Office Spaces require a good locksmith to make them secure
  • I run an assisted living care center I need a locksmith to make a master key
  • I need a locksmith for my business outlets
  • We run a chain of Schools / Universities, we need locksmith services for these
  • Can you provide locksmith services for out hotels / motels
  • I’m a building landlord, I need a locksmith to improve the security of my apartments

Why do these businesses trust us?

Perhaps, it’s because we every one of the locksmiths on our team has been picked carefully after rigorous training programs and workshops.  All its members are duty bound to maintain the ethics, conform to all existing laws and maintain strict confidentiality of all their customers. After all, the issue at hand is one of security – your own security and that of your staff, suppliers and customers.

Or perhaps it is because our locksmiths are skilled technicians who know their trade extremely. That have undergone rigorous training and passes severe tests. They also know all the latest tools, techniques and devices available security to provide you with the best possible security.  

Or perhaps because our locksmiths always arrive in a fully-equipped mobile unit. The unit carries all the latest tools and equipment needed to give you the best possible security. 

When our mobile unit arrives, the locksmith first does an intensive study of your premises and understand its strengths and weaknesses from a security point of view and only then do they make recommendations of what would be best suited for you. Magnetic locks, tumbler locks, combination locks, push bars, keyless entry locks, keypad locks, digital locks… are all part of their everyday life. They also regularly attend trainings, seminars and conferences to upgrade their knowledge and skills. 

Once our locksmith has installed the necessary security devices at your premises you can rest assured that when you lock up every evening and go home, your commercial premises are safe and secure. 

There are some commercial premise owners who sometimes worry about what to do when a trusted manager who has access to the locks leaves the business. Leave that problem to us. We’ll find the right solution without putting you through a big expense of changing all your locks unless necessary.

One of the popular request from business premises is for a one-off master key for each lock in the facility. We can make such a master key quickly for you. We can also make a sub-master key - one which permits specified personnel to gain access to specially designated areas only. Misplaced keys is also a typical issue with our commercial premise owners. Since we are available 24/7 we can easily and quickly arrive at the premised and make a replacement key right there at the premises itself. 

Sometimes even commercial premises have to face an emergency. Perhaps a burglar tried to break in, failed and damaged the locks such that the legitimate key won’t work anymore. If ever you face that problem leave it to us. We’ll come over and resolve the issue. There are many such security issues we have resolved at commercial premises.

Safe Key Locksmith Service Chicago, IL 312-288-7597Some of these issues include: 

  • Master Key
  • New Locks Installation
  • Business Locksmith
  • High Security Locks
  • Push Bars
  • File Cabinet Locks
  • Mail Box Locks
  • Key Duplication, Key Cutting, Copy Key, Pop A Lock
  • Broken Key Extraction, Lock Repair, Lock Installation
  • 24/7 emergency locksmith
  • Emergency unlock, Emergency Lockout
  • Key broke in lock, Rekey
  • Door unlock, Entry doors, Door repair
  • Commercial Lockouts